Merry Christmas!

The Christmas 2012 season is here! And my sweet Dusty has enjoyed another year at home, away from the hospital. Caregiving has had it's up's and downs, as I'm sure the year in general has had for some of you.  But I hope the year has also brought you strength, peace and hope for the future.

Some of you have lost loved ones this year and the extra time I've had with Dusty is something I don't take for granted. At this very moment, he's snuggled in his bed listening to one of his favorite movies, "Lassie." He's laughing and imitating puppy sounds, which tells me he's enjoying himself.

He can't sit up for very long anymore. But he still enjoys walks outdoors in his stroller when the weather is good. And he can communicate with family and friends when they visit. He still likes to get "bossy" with his dog Pappas, by patting the couch to invite him up or by telling him to "sit." Pappas is a wonderful companion and never nips or growls.  

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with many blessings! Occasionally I receive email correspondence from readers about this page. So I've decided to open up the comment section for awhile. If you would like to post a comment, you don't need to have a google address. You can sign in as an anonymous user. Leave your name & email address if you'd like, but you don't have to. If you would like to add your website or blog address along with your message, feel free to do that as well. I enjoy reading other writers posts.

Thank you to Aafreen from Pakistan
for sending this poem for caregivers
written by Bruce McIntyre.  
Note: Afreen's name means "encouragement."
 A perfect name for a caregiver!
Unknown and often unnoticed, you are a hero nonetheless.
For your love, sacrificial, is God at his best.
You walk by faith in the darkness of the great unknown,
And your courage, even in weakness, gives life to your beloved.

You hold shaking hands and provide the ultimate care:
Your presence, the knowing, that you are simply there.
You rise to face the giant of disease and despair,
It is your finest hour, though you may be unaware.

You are resilient, amazing, and beauty unexcelled,
You are the caregiver and you have done well!
~Bruce McIntyre